Best Investment Apps

Best Investment Apps

There are various online investment apps to choose from. They may provide trading tools, research content, analysis tools or charting features while others even provide robo-advisor management options.

Betterment is one of the top investment apps because it automates everything for you. Your money will be invested into an individualized diversified portfolio based on your goals and risk tolerance; plus it offers tax loss harvesting to maximize returns while mitigating losses.


Betterment is a pioneer in the robo-advisor industry. Offering an extensive selection of investment and savings accounts with no minimum deposit requirements or hidden fees, as well as tailored advice packages to assist in reaching your money management goals, Betterment stands apart as one of the first in its field.

The company’s website asks you questions about your investment goals, time horizon, and risk tolerance in order to recommend a portfolio for you based on modern portfolio theory which uses optimization technology over time.

Betterment’s Digital investing plan features a flat fee of just 0.25% of invested assets or one percent, making it one of the lowest fees available on the market. Furthermore, Betterment provides its Premium option which gives access to an advisor for unlimited advice and guidance.

Charles Schwab

Schwab provides one-stop services for all your investing and banking needs. No base commission, low fees and an extensive research suite – including in-house Schwab ratings as well as reports from major providers like Argus, Credit Suisse Morningstar Market Edge are available here. Schwab even produces its own podcasts: Choiceology and Financial Decoder!

Schwab offers a selection of investment products, such as ETFs and mutual funds, without trade fees for these investments. In addition, Schwab Intelligent Portfolios serves as a robo-advisor allowing clients to create, monitor and rebalance portfolios free of advisory or account service fees while providing research resources like video presentations and webinars.


E*TRADE offers beginners and casual investors easy portfolio management tools with basic tools designed for monitoring. E*TRADE also provides brokerage, retirement, core portfolio and managed portfolio accounts – in addition to an impressive library of educational materials and research.

The app is reliable, uncluttered and intuitive; greeting you with major index quotes, news and market updates as soon as you log in. Although options trading features are included but foreign exchange or futures trading aren’t supported (this can be problematic for some users), two-factor authentication, fingerprint and face scan login options are available, plus Power E*TRADE platform provides advanced charting and backtesting capabilities.


Greenlight is a debit card and financial app designed to help both children and parents manage money together, with features including chore and allowance payments, savings rewards and investment options. However, monthly fees may be high for families that do not plan on taking advantage of its investing functionality.

Core features of this app allow children to earn 5% annual savings rewards and divide up their allowance between checking and savings accounts. Furthermore, its investing feature enables children to buy most U.S. market stocks with fractional shares starting at just $1; trades must first be approved by a parent before proceeding.

Greenlight also gives parents access to balances and spending data, giving them visibility into balances and spending and prompting money conversations with their child. While Greenlight provides more comprehensive youth finance app functionality than BusyKid, FamZoo or Step, its cost may make other alternatives more suitable.

SoFi Invest

SoFi Invest provides self-directed investing for novice and casual investors, featuring no account management fees, low trading commissions and fee-free SoFi ETFs. However, its tools are limited; no newsfeed or advanced charting options are provided by SoFi Invest.

The firm’s mobile app is easy to use and features a social feed as well as basic research tools without screeners or advanced charting functionality. Furthermore, it lacks screeners or advanced charting support compared with more robust platforms. In terms of investments available through this platform: fractional shares and basic 1-leg options as well as IRAs, 529 plans and trusts are among those available to you.


Stash is an investment app with many features to meet a range of user needs, from fractional share investments and educational materials to budgeting tools and banking options. Stash charges a monthly fee for investing and provides each account holder with personal investment account, stock-back card that earns double stock rewards, savings tools, etc.

The app is tailored specifically for novice investors and provides an effortless, no-hassle experience across desktop and mobile apps, featuring easy navigation, prompting, and functionality. In addition, fees are competitively low – including subscription costs as well as management expenses. Furthermore, their Smart Portfolio robo-advisor provides support in building a portfolio tailored to your risk tolerance and financial goals.

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