Forex Factory App Review

Forex Factory App Review

The forex factory app is an excellent way to stay abreast of news and trends on-the-go. With lightning fast updates, it’s accessible to anyone with a smartphone.

The forex factory app is more than just a forum; it also provides an array of useful trading tools that will enhance your efficiency and help you avoid making hasty decisions that could cost you money.


The forex factory app boasts a host of features designed to maximize your experience on the site. These include an intuitive calendar, comparison tools, trader’s sentiment indicator, real-time market viewer and journal tool for sharing trading data.

This app is an invaluable tool for both experienced and novice traders alike, offering them the chance to share their expertise and gain knowledge from others.

The Forex Factory forum is tightly monitored with strict community guidelines to guarantee all posts are constructive and non-offensive. This helps eliminate trolling, flaming, fake news, and other issues that commonly plague online communities.


The Forex Factory app is an invaluable asset to traders, providing them with a range of free tools. These include the Forex Factory Calendar, Sentiment Indicator tool, marketing monitor, find-a-broker charts and the option to write or host trading journals.

Traders who utilize the site regularly often leave with new ideas, greater market insight, and improved trading results. However, it is essential for traders to be wary of any fraudulent or deceptive sites.

One of Forex Factory’s most popular features is Trade Explorer, a tool that helps users intelligently analyze their trading performance. Plus, it’s automated and synced with users’ brokerage account information.


Forex Factory app is one of the more prominent forex trading forums available to traders. It includes a calendar, news articles, broker information and some useful charting tools.

The forum is strictly monitored with stringent community guidelines to promote an encouraging and constructive exchange of views and ideas. No trolling, flaming, fake news or other issues commonly found online are allowed here.

Its News product stands out in that it accepts stories from a range of sources – including traders and members. The team responsible for overseeing their News section rigorously assesses each story to guarantee its high quality.

The Market tool is an innovative and powerful way to analyze your trading performance in a comprehensive, automated fashion. It enables you to monitor open trades and potential trades as they occur.


The Forex Factory app is an invaluable source of market intelligence. It boasts numerous useful features, such as news aggregator, market scanner and calendar with multiple time frames and currencies displayed.

It also has a highly moderated forum that’s free to join, offering an intriguing combination of useful tools and an encouraging community. Trade Explorer, its latest addition, provides all-inclusive trading analytics. This essential tool should be used by any trader; even mobile version available for those on the go with free download option! The best part? No money needed to try out new strategies or technologies!

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Forex Factory app provides a suite of tools to assist traders. This includes an event calendar that highlights key news events, which is beneficial for all types of traders – technical or short-term alike.

The app also has a broker search tool. This enables you to compare brokers side by side, so you can decide which one meets your requirements best.

Another useful tool is a market scanner. This helps you quickly determine which markets are active, so that you can make informed trading decisions. Furthermore, it tells you the current market session times–especially useful if you’re trading internationally.

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